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The Sketchbook Project 2012 - Pages 5  14 Feb, 2012

  At last the final installment of my Sketchbook Project entry... for this year at least!! I wanted to make sure that my journal had a uniquely New Zealand feel, so I made sure I used New Zealand designed patterned paper on both the front and back covers. A couple of delicate rub-on ... Read more >>>

The Sketchbook Project 2012 - Pages 4  13 Feb, 2012

I received an email over the weekend from the Art House Librarian Robot, from the Boston Art Library advising me that they had received my Sketchbook Project 2012 entry. So if you ever make it to Boston and you happen to find yourself wandering around the Boston Art Library looking at various Ske... Read more >>>

When good planning goes out the window...   08 Feb, 2012

I had all these great plans after Christmas for some multi-day crafting lead up to Valentine's Day but alas it hasn't happened. It might have gone to plan if I had remembered to organise the trailer for the first long weekend we had (Auckland Anniversary) so that I could put all the rubbi... Read more >>>

The Sketchbook Project 2012 - Pages 3   31 Jan, 2012

Last few pages for a bit, but I will show you the rest before I send the completed Sketch Book to Boston. Quote: "Blind hope faces a blank wall waiting for a door to open.  Doors might be nearby, but blind hope keeps you from locating them." Rebecca Solnit The brick wall wa... Read more >>>

The Sketchbook Project 2012 - Pages 2   19 Jan, 2012

Some more... Quote: "All it takes is one bloom of HOPE to make a spiritual garden." Terri Guillemets Plain blue scrapbooking paper. I sanded the paper with a scalloped template underneath, this gave the outline of the clouds. I then added coloured chalk to add highl... Read more >>>